Solid Dish Soap Kits

Solid Dish Soap Kits


This kit come with 13 oz block soap, brush and soap silicone dish.



Say hello to our plastic free Solid Dish Soap Cube! All natural vegan 🌱 zero waste, environmentally safe biodegradable ingredients. Scented with all essential oil blend of Lemon 🍋 & Orange 🍊, which will make a breeze to wash 🧼 away your greasy grimy scums right off. This 13 ounce cube will last you for months, which in return will save tons of money from buying those liquid plastic bottles. Perfect for those who like to be efficient and save money 💰. And it is very easy to use simple moist your sponge or brush and rub on soap to lather 🧼 and walla, you are ready to wash your pots and pans and dishes. It is a multipurpose soap that’s not just for kitchen it will also wash away scums off your carpets, floors, tubs, shower and bathroom 🚽, basically a go to soap. The essential oil help disinfect, kill harmful Viruses & 🦠 and Mold & Mildew. And not too mention It is very pleasant scent to safely breathe in.

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