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  • Apricoty Styling Hair & Beard Pomade

      Styling Hair & Beard Pomade This creamy, waxy, styling pomade, will most definitely groom all types of hair into any shape you like. With a all day hold that will help your scalp, hair and skin feeling refreshed with moisturizing and soothing effect. Jam packed with all organic natural ingredients like beeswax and apricoty oil. That offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial barrier, and emollient root nourishing effect.   To Use: Apply a layer into palm by scooping with your finger and rubbing together and combing into hair. Adds natural healthy, stylish, control and moisture, with lots of benefits of organic beeswax which gives antioxidant and antibacterial barrier, also Apricot Oil is King of all oils when it come to skincare, with emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, which softens the hair, soothes the scalp, and draws in moisture. for all day groomed control. For Hair use only, Avoid contact with Eyes. Caution: If irritation occurs, stop use immediately. Not responsible for adverse reactions to the ingredients in this product. You are responsible to read carefully the ingredient list.

  • Leave in Hair Detangler Conditioning Spray

    Leave in Hair Detangler Conditioning Spray.
    Made with all natural ingredients like Fennel Sweet and Ginger Essential Oil and Hyaluronic and Amino Acids and 🐝 Bee Pollen and Bamboo Extracts just to name few.
    This spray bottle will do it all for your hair, with detangling, hydrating and styling your hair in the most Healthiest way.

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