Goats Milk Apricot Soap

Goats Milk Apricot Soap



Goat Milk Apricot soap has a the fruity-floral combination of ripened apricots and freesia blossoms that give you the light, fresh feeling of springtime with every use.

PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Goat Milk Apricot soap is made with skin-conditioning raw goat milk and quick-absorbing apricot oils for all skin types, especially dry skin. This soap is ideal for helping relieve the discomfort of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne.

UPLIFTING AND RELAXING: Get that springtime fresh feeling! The delicate scent of freesia and apricot and powerful anti-oxidants help put you in the right mood, whether you’re getting ready for a new day or just turning in for the night.

ORGANIC, ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All our ingredients are USDA organic, 100% natural, free of artificial colorant and synthetic fragrance. Goat Milk Apricot is crafted with Goat Milk, Apricot oil, and Natural Freesia to rejuvenate healthy skin cells.

HANDMADE IN CALIFORNIA:  Handmade in small batches with traditional methods that preserve the soap’s nutrients and natural oils. Each bar is unique in shape and color.

RESPONSIBLE AND SAFE: Vegan friendly, cruelty-free (not tested on animals), paraben free, phthalate free, SLS free, and non GMO.  Safe to use on your body and face.

Instructions for use: Dampen soap and work up lather on your skin. Rinse thoroughly. When finished, store in a draining soap dish, to prolong the use of soap.

Caution: If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please look carefully at all soap ingredients, as we cannot be responsible for any adverse skin reactions.


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The uplifting blend of fresh, ripened apricots and fragrant freesia blossoms are soothing to the senses as well as to the skin. That’s why we put them together in our Apricot handcrafted face and body soap. We love way the fruity floral combination makes skin springtime fresh with its light, delicate scent, as much as we love what apricot and freesia does for your skin. Apricot oil absorbs easily, helps keep skin moisturized, but not oily, and soothes itching, eczema and dermatitis with antioxidant compounds that protect the skin from dryness, damage and aging. The fresh, floral freesia aroma is uplifting and relaxing, bringing a graceful ease to your mood, whether you’re just starting your day before work or school, or settling down to rest at night. Our pure, raw goat’s milk makes the perfect base ingredient for our gorgeous skin-conditioning soap. Goat’s milk sloughs off old, dead skin cells, rejuvenates the healthy cells underneath with vitamins and nutrients, and moisturizes with essential fatty acids, leaving your skin soft, silky and glowing with health! When you want to feel and smell as fresh as a breath of spring, try our Apricot soap! Each bar of Apricot soap is hand-cut, and weighs about 4-5 oz

Note: Any out of stock that’s backordered will take any where from 3 to 5 weeks for deliver for soaps, as it need at least 4 weeks of curing.

Also please be advised, that color & formation of soap design and weight will very of each soap, even if it came from the same batch. As each soap will formulate and cure in its own unique Artistic way.

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Weight 4.5 oz
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