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  • Leo Astrology Candle

    About this product: Leo Astrology Candle July 23-August 22 marks the season for the Leo zodiac sign. Symbolized by the lion, these balls of pure sunshine are fiery, ambitious, and warm like the hugs they will give while also sharing a cup of tea with you. Radiant, passionate, and loyal, Leos are always ready to uplift their friends and loved ones with all the strength of a raging fire. Apricoty’s Leo Astrology Candle is scented with lemon and grapefruit essential oils and embedded with rosemary and tiger’s eye. Our sensational astrology candles are the best gift you can give to your family or friends! Each one of the astrology candles is unique to the sign. Our candles are infused with natural essential oils and waxes that leave a pleasant aroma in your home! SCENT PROFILE: With a scent blend as bright and sunny as them, it’s no wonder that Apricoty’s Leo Astrology Candle includes lemon and grapefruit essential oils. Lemons symbolize happiness, abundance, and creativity while grapefruit symbolizes self-love, spirituality, and restoration. This candle truly embodies all things, Leo. EMBEDDED SYMBOLIC ELEMENTS: While the symbol for Leo may be a lion, the tiger’s eye embedded at the top of the candle is just as perfect to help the user live boldly, fiercely, and bravely in all aspects of life. Add some rosemary for loyalty and protection and you have yourself a Leo in a candle. QUALITY CONTROL: Our zodiac candles can be gifts for both men and women. Each candle is carefully hand-made and packaged with care. Hand-poured in Altadena, CA USA. High quality wax varieties, high-grade fragrance oils, and a cotton wick. 50+ hours of clean burn. HANDMADE IN CALIFORNIA: Handmade in small batches to ensure oil preservation. Locally produced in Pasadena. Veteran and Armenian owned. Ingredients: Soy Wax, Beeswax, Lemon and Grapefruit Essential Oils, Rosemary, Tiger’s Eye.