• I can't recommend Apricoty enough, they use high quality natural ingredients that are actually good for you! I am currently obsessed with Apricotys Hand Salve! It keeps my hands soft and moisturized 🙂 Their cuticle oil is perfection as well!

    Danielle Maddox Avatar Danielle Maddox

    Apricoty Products is one of the best local small businesses for natural cosmetic products. It is an Armenian owned business in Pasadena, with amazing quality products ranging from soaps, candles, and many more! If you are in the market for soaps with natural and clean ingredients, I definitely recommend Apricoty Products. Not to mention, I am obsessed with their candles! Their products are available for purchase at certain farmers markets, and are also available on Amazon, which makes my shopping experience so easy!

    Tamar Donoyan Avatar Tamar Donoyan

    Amazing handmade products. I love Apricoty!!!

    Ava Chamberlin Avatar Ava Chamberlin

    Apricoty Products has been my favorite local company that I have stumbled upon since covid. The Armenian-owned, Pasadena based business, has products ranging from soaps, candles and even locally sourced honey! If you are looking for a company who genuinely cares about the quality of their products with natural ingredients, I cannot recommend Apricoty enough!

    Aline Kalayedjian Avatar Aline Kalayedjian
  • Love there all natural soaps!

    Armenian APA Avatar Armenian APA

    I absolutely love!! Everything I bought! My most favorite is their apricot oil! And I’m defiantly coming back for the oil! I use it in the morning and night! Best thing is that it’s not oily.. my face absorbs it and works better Moisturizing my Face than my facial lotion.. I use daily! Anywho thank you! Will be back for more!

    Fidan Avedikian Avatar Fidan Avedikian

    The products were high quality and organic and kevork was very friendly and helpful!

    Gillian Chamberlin Avatar Gillian Chamberlin

    The serum soap is my favorite!! I use it everyday day- also the cuticle oil (it has argan oil, local honey and apricot oil). All of Kevork’s products are all made in Altadena and Pasadena- you can tell they are handmade with great care

    isa eisenberg Avatar isa eisenberg
  • Every product I’ve tried from Apricoty—cuticle oil, sugar scrub, shampoo, soap—has been nothing short of wonderful and even my family is obsessed with all things Apricoty!

    Silvia Tonapetian Avatar Silvia Tonapetian

    I have been using Apricoty Shampoo Soap for a few months now. My severe hair loss stopped almost immediately after starting to use it and my hair began to grow back. I also use their body soaps and have noticed that dry skin is no longer a problem. Their customer service is as lovely as their products.

    Zarik Hacopian Avatar Zarik Hacopian

    their honey is amazing!! as well as all of their balms. the products are made with all natural ingredients, so it really is the best and cleanest!!

    Michelle Torian Avatar Michelle Torian

    I purchased a pack of incense and the geranium oil deodorant. Firstly, I always burn incense at home but I’m always looking for a non-toxic yet an effective burn and the Armenian blend accomplished everything that I needed. I absolutely love that it’s a slow burn it smells amazing and it’s not too overpowering however it’s not something that needs to be lit every single day it’s very special. The deodorant is actually a big win and I’ll we’ll be buying this every time from now on because I’ve had so much trouble finding a good natural deodorant that actually works and this does. I highly recommend these two products and I look forward to using more in the future!

    Ani Carla Avatar Ani Carla
  • Unbelievable products, never going to use another body wash or shampoo again! Once you go Apricoty you can’t go back 🌞

    Leona Abrahamian Avatar Leona Abrahamian

    In love with the soaps.

    Anna Alaverdian Avatar Anna Alaverdian

    I have met Apricoty at the Glendale Artsakh Farmers market and let me tell you this guy is awesome! He has his own bee hive which is impressive and his products are made from his own bee wax. Tried his chapsticks and they are very natural and hydrating! His candle in Armenian flag is still one that I use in my room. He has candle jars in different birth months/zodiac signs- I think that’s an amazing present and gift idea! Definitely check his store out! Thank you Apricoty, We love you!❤️

    sera shahgholian Avatar sera shahgholian